Residential Terms & Conditions

The FIBERX, Inc. Residential Terms & Conditions apply to all our Fiber Services and incorporate our Aceptable Use Policy and the Contract & Installation Agreement.

By agreeing to the Terms, you represent that you are at least eighteen years old and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement on behalf of yourself and others in your residence who may utilize the Services.

By signing up for or in any way using the Services, you agree to the Terms, including the following:


Activation/Installation Fees
Activations and Installation fees are non-refundable. They are payable at completion of Installation. If for any reason the equipment must be relocated, others fees will be applied to such relocation.

$100.00 Activation fee for 1 year contract
$50.00 Activation fee for 2 years contract
$0.00 Activation fee for 3 years contract


Payment Policies & Terms
The Service fees will be invoiced to the customer at the 1st day of each month. These fees are due on the 15th of each month. Customer must subscribe to the automated debit program*, if not other fees may apply. If a Check payment is needed, should be sent by mail to:

PO BOX 819
Humacao, PR 00792-0819

*For the Automated debit program credit card, bank account and PayPal is available.


Account Termination
Any account with an outstanding balance equal to 2 months(60 days) of service and a 3-month period of inactivity would be terminated. This implies that the Customer Premise Equipment would be removed from the service location of such account. If the account has not completed the contract agreement, a penalty fee would be applied to such account.

Any account with an outstanding balance equal to 45 days can be disconnected. If the account is disconnected a reconnection fee can apply.


Additional Fees
Additional fees may apply to non-standard installations. The Wireless Installer will provide such costs and fees in a written estimate before any installation is performed.

$100 Relocation fee
$25 Reconnection fee
$5 Payment Process fee (monthly)
$3 Invoice by postal mail (monthly)


The customer premise equipment is included in the connection and installation fees on a loan basis; FIBERX, Inc. retains ownership of such equipment during the length of this agreement.


Communicating with FIBERX, Inc.
You agree to receive all communications about the Services and your account via email, including any confirmations, bills for Services and payment receipts. However, in the event that FIBERX determines that it is necessary to contact you by other means, you also agree that FIBERX may contact you regarding the Services at the contact points associated with your account, including by direct mail, email, telephone calls, and SMS/text messaging.


Permitting & Landlord Approval
Customer acknowledges that is the sole owner of the premises that the equipment will be installed and / or has obtained the proper permits from the landlord/owner of such premises to install the equipment.


Standard Maintenance
Standard maintenance is included under the agreement and includes any malfunction of the equipment under its normal operating circumstances. Any damage incurred on the equipment and/or installation from an alien source will be sole responsibility of the customer and will be invoiced to the customer.


Not Covered by Standard Maintenance
Customer relocation on equipment, re-configuration or any other handling that would result in the malfunction of the equipment. Any damage or loss of the equipment and parts related to the service will result in additional costs. FIBERX may charge the customer the replacement price below for a new device.

Device Replacement Price
Fiber Jack $55ea
Network Box (Satndard) $100
Fiber Patch 6f $30ea
Fiber Cable $1.50ft


Abuse of Services
Customer verifies that the service would be used for its business use on the network authorized by FIBERX, Inc. to receive such service. The customer would use the service in a proper manner not affecting the overall performance of the system. Any misuse or abuse from a customer on a willing matter will be subject to an account termination. Services cannot be resold or shared with another entity.


Customer releases FIBERX, Inc. from any Legal/personal conflicts regards to the contents of the activities performed with the service. As an Internet Service Provider, FIBERX is not responsible for the Internet content accessed through the service.