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FiberX’s primary goal is to provide fiber-optic Internet for residential and business customers with high-speed capacity using GPON technology.

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NAP MI1 of the Americas
FiberX has a placement service at the NAP of the Americas in Miami MI1, which is a strategic point of interest because it connects the United States and Latin America.

JAX1 Jacksonville Data Center
FiberX has a collocation service in Cologix Jacksonville that offers robust connectivity to the largest concentration of internet and telecommunications companies in Northeast Florida. It is in the central business district of the city, with access to submarine cables and direct fiber to Central and South America.

AT&T Puerto Rico

FiberX has an AT&T placement service and they have a long presence throughout the Latin America and Caribbean region. From the Puerto Rico office, AT&T offers high-quality network solutions to local, regional, and international companies.

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  1. Ensure operational continuity and connectivity.
  2. Increase the security of your data and operations.
  3. Add more scalability to grow with ease.
  4. Consolidate the performance of your IT infrastructure.
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