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Every enormous company seeks the best provider internet service

We provide your solutions through the broadband fiber-optic network which provides connectivity throughout the island of Puerto Rico, giving our clients the tools to compete in the market based on your needs safely and reliably.

  • Our offer is flexible in your unique requirements, including a variety of bandwidth options.
  • We guarantee connection symmetrical and secure.

Dedicated internet

At FiberX we provide business-grade Internet services to all of your corporate locations using a flexible range of access technologies. We optimize the network performance you need, with better bandwidth, dedicated access, safe and reliable top speed.

MPLS network

FiberX’s MPLS private networks allow you to create private IP networks, communication between different customer locations, geographically dispersed, either within or outside the borders of Puerto Rico.

VoIP telephony

At FiberX we equip call centers of all sizes with the power of VoIP communication. You will have the freedom and flexibility you need to keep your business constantly growing.

Cloud Services

We assist our clients with our cloud computing services such as tools and applications, servers, storage, databases, networks, software, among others.


A dedicated and secure environment allows you to place your voice, data, or Internet equipment at FiberX facilities where you can make your own or leased equipment receive direct access to a solid IP network that will provide you with a top speed.

Dark Fiber

FiberX Dark Fiber is the high-capacity network solution for those businesses that need unlimited bandwidth, full-service control, and total reliability.

X-Press Cloud

Cloud services are increasingly important for companies, the protection and availability of data quickly and safely have become essential for the development of excellent business development, and with FiberX you can have it all.

Content Delivery Network

At FiberX we have direct BGP connections and content servers with some of the most important companies, including Netflix, Google, Cloudflare, Dropbox, Akamai, and Facebook.

Wireless Data & Transport

We have a wholesale association with OSNET Wireless in Puerto Rico, with which we offer fixed wireless solutions for data transport, Internet services, backup services, and Cloud Transport throughout the island as the best Internet service provider.

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100% symmetrical connection

Our symmetrical Internet connection allows you to stay securely connected from anywhere with the same upload and download speeds.

Unlimited download

Unlimited carefree download.