Take your Business to the Stars


Turn your Small Business into a #FastTerritory and take off your business to the stars.

Add benefits to your customers by offering electronic payment and point of sale options, manage your online store and set up a WiFi zone in your premises. All backed by a technical team that monitors the network 24/7 to ensure that you are always connected. Stable, Secure and Superfast!


Activation cost: $149.95 with a 3-year contract / $199.95 with a 2-year contract / $399.95 with a 1-year contract.
15-day satisfaction guarantee – All plans include Wifi Router.
The speed to be installed is subject to prior verification of availability.


With our Voice over the Internet technology you can take your business number to your smartphone, tablet or even a computer; make and receive calls from anywhere.

You can hold conferences and call recordings, set up your voicemail and manage your own call center with the IVR virtual operator right from the front desk console.


Wireless Internet and Private Data Transport from 1Mbps to +10Gbps. Our network uses OSPF & BGP routing over MPLS/VPLS. Configure your Internal network.


Connect via cloud branches and franchises; keep a safe backup in the cloud of the most valuable information.

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